​​​​Professional Licensure


What Students Need to Know About Professional Licensure

Many students attend colleges and universities to earn a degree that prepares them for a specific field: to become a doctor, nurse, teacher, psychologist, engineer, or one of the many other occupations regulated by state and/or other government entities. States and other government entities have established standards of practice for the occupations or professions they have chosen to regulate, and they provide legal permission to practice those professions only to individuals who meet those standards. This is called professional licensure: professions for which people need to meet certain criteria in order to practice in that field.

Confirm Your Program Meets Professional Licensure Requirements

Before enrolling in an online/distance education program intended to satisfy a particular state’s educational requirements for the practice of a particular occupation, students should be assured by the institution that the program actually does meet the requirements of the state in which he or she intends to practice. As SARA participating institutions, all SDBOR universities are required to provide related disclosures.


Licensure Disclosures for SDBOR Universities

By selecting the link for your university below, you will be redirected to the university’s licensure disclosure webpage, which includes information on professional licensure requirements for each state.


Distance Education Contacts at SDBOR Universities

If you have further questions regarding distance education or professional licensure, please reach out to the contact at your campus indicated below:

Black Hills State University (Education)                        Black Hills State University (Accounting)
Sharman Adams                                                               David Crawford
School of Education                                                         School of Business
Sharman.Adams@bhsu.edu​                                          David.Crawford@bhsu.edu​
(605) 642-6077                                                                  (605) 642-6734

Dakota State University
Annette Miller
State Authorization Coordinator
(605) 256-5239

Northern State University
Ronald Brownie
Director of Online & Continuing Education
(605) 626-2568

SD School of Mines & Technology
Darcy Briggs
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(605) 394-2219​

South Dakota State University
Carey Kilmer
Assistant Director, Continuing & Distance Education
(605) 688-4959

University of South Dakota
LaDonna Rodvold
State Authorization Specialist
(605) 658-6147