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Reduced Tuition Dual Credit

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​​Reduced Tuition Dual Credit 


About Reduced Tuition Dual Credit

During the 2014 Legislative session, the Legislature supported Governor Daugaard’s budget request to provide base funding to offer reduced tuition dual credit courses in South Dakota through the High School Dual Credit Program (HSDC). Students have the opportunity to enroll in coursework at the rate of $48.33 per credit hour (or 1/3 of the total cost per credit hour) that meets the System General Education requirements at all six Regental institutions. These courses are offered both face-to-face at our campsues and online. Current high school juniors and seniors enrolled at public, private and tribal high schools whose schools have signed an MOU with South Dakota Department of Education (DOE), or home school students whose parents sign an MOU, are eligible to enroll. More information from DOE regarding the Dual Credit program can be found on SDMyLife.


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Registration Period


Dual Credit Guidelines

The Board of Regents Guidelines for Dual Credit can be found here. These include the eligibility requirements, as well as information on credit waivers and continuing eligibility.


Advising Materials

Advising materials for HDSC students can be found here.


Continuing Enrollment Requirements

During the 2020 Legislative Session, changes were made to SDCL § 13-28-37.1 with regard to continuing eligibility in the High School Dual Credit program. Starting with grades earned during the Fall 2020 Semester, any student who fails or withdraws from a HSDC course will no longer be eligible for the program in future semesters, absent a showing of good cause. Students who earn a F or W grade and who wish to continue in the program must meet one of the three options below:

  1. Show good cause by having a BOR GPA of 2.5 or higher, showing a prior record of success in the HSDC program (for BOR institutions only).
  2. Show good cause by documenting extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student which contributed to the F or W grade(s). Good cause may include, but is not limited to: illness, injury, an illness or death in the family, or unusual academic circumstances.
  3. Regain eligibility in the program by 1.) successfully repeating the course(s) in which the F or W grade(s) were earned, and 2.) paying the full HSDC tuition rate of $145 for the repeated course(s). This includes the portion of tuition typically paid by the state.

Students showing good cause through GPA will be automatically granted an exemption to continue in the program moving forward. Students who experienced extenuating circumstances, or who wish to repeat the course(s) in which the F or W grade was earned at the full HSDC tuition rate to regain program eligibility must fill out an Eligibility Exemption form and submit it to the campus indicated on the form for the student's circumstances. A list of campus contacts for BOR institutions can be found here​, & BOTE institution contacts are available on SDMyLife.


Forms, Course Lists, and Other Resources

     SDBOR Add/Drop/Withdraw Form


     HSDC Eligibility Exemption Form (For students who receive a W or F grade)

     HSDC Academic Suspension Waiver Form (For students who have below a 2.0 BOR GPA without receiving a W or F grade)


     HSDC Campus Contacts​​


     DOE Dual Credit Course List Dashboard


     SDBOR Tech Requirements for Online Courses


     HSDC Advising & Course Planning Form (Template for High School Internal Use Only) 


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