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HSDC Advisory Tracks

​HSDC Advisory Tracks

The six BOR institutions have worked together to create advising materials for high school dual credit students. Nearly all courses offered through the HSDC program meet the general education requirements at all BOR institutions.


A series of Advisory Tracks were created, which group together majors that share similar program requirements and may have preferred courses that should be taken to fulfill general education requirements.  Often, students have taken too many of a single type of dual credit course, which means they may take credits that will only count as electives, when they could be taking courses that will go towards meeting the general education requirements. These materials hope to steer students towards a well-rounded slate of courses that will meet the BOR general education requirements and put students in a better position upon enrolling as degree-seeking students at BOR institutions after graduating from high school.


Below are the handouts for each Advisory Track. The six Advisory Track are:


Each Advisory Track has a list of all majors from each institution that fall under each track, which are included in the links above on Page 1. Advisory Tracks are able to help students who haven't quite determined a future major, but may have a more general idea of what they want to do going forward.


Next, each Advisory Track has two lists that provide course recommendations. Page 2 of the materials for each Advisory Track lists a suggested course plan for students wishing to go into majors within the track. The courses are labeled by the General Education goal that it would meet, as each General Education Goal requires different types of courses. It provides a better visualization of how students can fulfill the BOR General Education requirements. This list is to be seen as a guide, as students may take other courses not listed on Page 2—these courses are merely suggestions.  The full slate of courses that are recommended as possibilities for each Advisory Track as listed on Page 3 of the materials, which gives students a more expansive set of options to choose from. To see a list of course sections for the upcoming semester, visit the HSDC Course Dashboard. Courses are typically added 1-2 months before registration opens.


NOTE: While these advising materials are a useful tool, it is always best to consult university advisors for appropriate course placement based on test scores, high school preparation, and potential major. It is highly advised that students who have determined their future majors consult advisors for specific program requirements.


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