Stamp your passport   - Informational Infographic

 Your learning experience can take a variety of shapes and sizes.  Interstate Passport is built to accommodate  across-state and out-of-state transfers - credits intact by matching general education learning outcomes with those from other institutions or states. 

Your general education courses -- neatly packaged to align with other participating instutions 

Applies to 32 college 
and universities in and 
out of South Dakota 
Guarantee that all your
general education credits

will transfer in their entiriety

*Required courses determined by your university
Must maintain "C" or 
better in preselected 
set of courses*

How do I earn a passport?


If you're an attendee of one of the below universities, you'll receive a notification from your campus's registrar when you've met the 

requirements for an Interstate Passport.  then the choice is yours....

No plans to move?
Stay put - earn your 
degree from where 
you're at!
Planning a transfer?
Talk to your campus 
registrar's office - they'll 
offer more information!

Our South Dakota partner Institutions: