​Transferable General Education with South Dakota Technical Colleges


General education provides postsecondary students with a foundational knowledge base and a capacity for lifelong learning. Broadly speaking, general education courses provide students with the skills to communicate effectively, problem solve, analyze, locate and gather information, and think critically and logically along with other skills needed for conscientious citizenship and workplace success.

The Board of Regents (BOR) maintains a common general education policy whereby earned general education credits apply to each of the six public universities. The technical colleges (TCs) have aligned the curriculum and learning outcomes of some general education courses to BOR general education courses. In such cases, it is agreed by TCs and the BOR that it is in the best interest of students that a full range of postsecondary opportunities are available and that students should not have to invest a second time in general education knowledge and competencies already acquired. Students who have completed transferable general education courses established under this agreement should have seamless, guaranteed transfer of such courses between TC and BOR institutions.





Transferable General Education Courses

(Last Revised November 2021)

ENGL101Composition IXXXX GOAL 1
CMST101Fundamentals of SpeechXXXX GOAL 2
​CMST​201​Interpersonal Communication​X​GOAL 3
ECON201Principles of MicroeconomicsX    GOAL 3
ECON202Principles of MacroeconomicsX  X GOAL 3
​EPSY​210​Lifespan DevelopmentXGOAL 3​
PSYC101General PsychologyXXXX GOAL 3
SOC100Intro to SociologyXX X GOAL 3
SOC150Social Problems  X  GOAL 3
SOC/CJUS201Intro to Criminal Justice   X GOAL 3
SOC250Courtship & Marriage  X  GOAL 3
HIST151US History IX    GOAL 3
POLS100American GovernmentX    GOAL 3
ENGL210Introduction to LiteratureX    GOAL 4
HUM100Intro to Humanities   X GOAL 4
​MATH​103​Mathematical ReasoningXX​GOAL 5
MATH114College AlgebraX XX GOAL 5
MATH120Trigonometry  XX GOAL 5
CHEM106Chemistry Survey/LabX XX GOAL 6
CHEM108Organic & Biochemistry/LabX    GOAL 6
MICR231General MicrobiologyX    GOAL 6
PHGY220Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab   X GOAL 6
PHGY230Human Anatomy & Physiology/Lab   X GOAL 6
ANAT142AnatomyX    NA*
PHGY210Human PhysiologyX    NA*
CSC105Introduction to ComputersX XX  NA*