High School Curriculum Requirements

 To meet the curriculum requirements for the Opportunity Scholarship, all recipients must receive a C or higher on all coursework including:

Students Entering High School Prior to July 2010

Students Entering High School After July 2010

        Students seeking to determine whether coursework at their particular school district will be counted toward units in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Fine Arts, or Modern/Classical Language, are encouraged to review the list of approved courses for high school throughout the state in the links provided below.  Career and Technical Education courses that have been approved by the Department of Education can be used by students to meet the "Approved career and technical education course," units.

Approved School District Course Lists

General Approved Course List

        School administrators seeking to add a course to the approved school district course list, or modify courses on the existing list can do so by completing the Core Course Approval Form available by following the link below.    Districts seeking to offer Career and Technical Education for core content credit must first seek approval from the Department of Education by submitting the CTE for Core Content Application Form located in the link below.  

Core Course Approval Form

CTE for Core Content Application Form

  For more information, contact:

Dr. Paul D. Turman

South Dakota Board of Regents

306 E. Capitol Ave., Suite 200

Pierre, SD 57501-2545

(605) 773-3455