Executive Director Exemption Request

        State administrative rule grants exceptions to continuous enrollment requirements for specific reasons.  In addition, rules allow the Executive Director of the Board of Regents to grant other exceptions or to waive the requirements when good cause is shown.  As a result, when a situation arises that hinders a student from meeting the  continuing eligibility requirements for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, he/she has the opportunity to request an exemption waiver from the Executive Director.  Exemption waivers can be granted for student inability to meet Credit Hour, Grade Point Average, or Persistence requirements. Furthermore, instances have and will continue to occur that represent unique situations where the Executive Director has granted a waiver to ensure that student interests and the intent of the scholarship program are best served.  In addition to these four waiver classifications, five justifications have been attributed to student appeals for exemptions from the Executive Director that include:

1.      Situations where Medical Hardship has hindered a student’s progress;

2.      Student participation in an approved Exchange Program through their institution;

3.      Conflict with Program of Study Requirements that influence student credit hours;

4.      Participation in an institution approved Internship or Cooperative Education program;

5.      Military Deferral for National Guard or military service.

Students seeking an Executive Director exemption can do so by sending an email to Dr. Paul Turman (pault@sdbor.edu) for processing.  Prior to submitting a request, students are encouraged to review the Exemption Guidelines which specify the information required Students should review the Exemption Guidelines to ensure expedient request processing.

Exemption Request Guidelines